Our Story

In 2016, Colleen Levesque and Danielle Moody started Girls Who Grant based off one simple question. How do we give back to our community? Understanding that many professional women within the greater Sanford and Southern Maine area had the desire to also give back to their community, they proposed a simple way of connecting women through raising money for local charities, non-profits and worthy causes and GWG was born. Girls Who Grant stands on the belief that even small groups can help develop broad, diverse bases of support which in turn provides stability across the community for continued growth. The grants stay local, so members and the public can see firsthand how and where the funds are being utilized. We continue to identify and assist our partners, advocate for our community and most importantly act as mentors for each other through strategic and effective grantmaking.


How it works

On the last Friday of each month, the group of women meet at a GWG Member’s home. Each member attending contributes $20, with the goal of raising $500 for one local organization. Members nominate organizations during the event, with three members randomly selected to present. Nominating representatives make a pitch about the organization and what GWG’s contribution will accomplish for the organization. At the end of the presentations, all attendees vote and the organization is selected based off majority rule.